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Pavel developed his love of art at an early age, drawing, painting

and molding for hours at a time. As a young child, he knew that

being an artist was the direction his life would take.

From his early training and formal learning in European Art Schools,

Pavel has mastered Commercial and Artistic Graphics, including Art

Design, Art Print and Calligraphy. He has learned how to apply

himself in various mediums. He is well grounded in the use of oil,

tempera, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, pen, pencil and charcoal.

Pavel has over 35 years experience in art design and industrial

design. But it was not until Pavel devoted his energy full time to Art

that he has felt free to discover his own artistic voice.

Pavel has named his own style of art “soul visualism”His work 

is based on Realism. However, he wants those who see his work to

feel the mood of the picture even with the absence of certain details,

allowing the mind to fill in the missing pieces. Pavel feels that his

talent for creativity is God given. He is inspired by people, nature

and being at peace with himself.


Pavel declares:

“I would not be able to continue growing with my new energy, my new vision and spirit, if it wasn't for my best friend for life, my  patient  and  understanding  wife  Genie.”



“I want my art to remind the viewer about the simple things that daily surround our lives but we miss and take for granted. This is my goal whether I paint a portrait, a beautiful landscape or a simple rose; I want people to say “um yes that’s it”.

I like realism. When you see my work I want you to feel the content as well. You should feel the hair, the cloth, the skin … I want people to not only see face in the picture but also feel the person soul and spirit.

People today live too fast and miss the details that complete the picture. I hope to remind people of those details when they see my paintings”.



Member of "Portrait Society of America" (PSOA)

Member of "Portrait Society of Atlanta" (PSA)

Member of “Napa Valley Arts Council”


Awards and Juried Shows:

Finalist in "OBPC 2009" Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C.

Finalist in “PSA Fall 2009 Juried Exhibition” - Atlanta, Georgia

Finalist in Juried “Unconditional Love Pet art show” 2009, Irving Art Center, Texas

Finalist in Juried “24th Annual Bosque Art Classic 2009”, Clifton, Texas

“Best of the Show” in Juried Art Exhibition “Uncorked 2009”, Salado Wine Seller, Texas

Finalist in Texas & Neighbors Regional Juried Art Exhibition 2009, Irving Art Center, Texas


Finalist in "Art after 5" Summer 2008, Gallery at Dallas Arboretum, Texas

Honorable Mention in Juried Art Show 2008, Arlington Historical Society, Texas

Finalist in "Admiration" SAVA (San Antonio Visual Artists) Inaugural Art Gala 2008, Texas

Finalist in Breckenridge FAC's 17th Annual Juried Art Competition 2008, Texas

Merit Award at Atlanta Art Center's 5th Annual National Exhibition 2008 - Atlanta, Georgia

Third Place in “PSA Summer 2008 Juried Exhibition” - Atlanta, Georgia

Finalist in "Hunting Art Prize 2008" - Houston, Texas

and more, and more ....

Proud Member of the Arts Council of Napa Valley